Australian Team Selection

to be eligible to be selected in the Australian Team & receive an Australian Team Medal the player must meet the "Player Eligibility Guidelines" as per Article 14 of the WEPF By-Laws.

Reference: (only quoting part of)
Article 14,
Player Eligibility, (as per WEPF constitution)
3. No player will be allowed to play for another Country, once he / she has played for any country, unless the player emigrates and takes up the nationality of that Country.

5. Once a player has played for one country in the World Championships, then they cannot play for any other country the following year or subsequent years, except when the player takes up citizenship of that other country....

  • 1st
  • Matthew Curwood (Capt)
    Cooper Denmen
    Alex Kingsbury
    Stone Stenhouse
    Alexander Pace
    Hayden Gunn

    Sharon Jennings (TM)
Individual Leading Players
Pos Name Played Won %
1 Stone Stenhouse 50 39 78.00%
2 Matthew Curwood 49 36 73.46%
3 Alex Pace 48 30 62.50%
4 Alex Kingsbury 35 26 74.28%
5 Hayden Gunn 33 20 60.60%
6 Cooper Denmen 35 20 57.14%