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Performance Cup Introduction

Introduction: Performance Cup Introduction

The Performance Cup was introduced in 1999 and the trophy and is proudly sponsored by RACK EM UP BILLIARD CENTRE, LILYDALE.  The winner of the Performance Cup will be the best performing state during all of the singles age groups.

Jo Shrigley: 1999 Australian Junior Development Officer. .. “It was decided to start now, this year with our idea of “Team Trophy.” It’s purpose is to have team stats calculated to come up with the best performed state team, before finals. This would be to encourage players to keep trying their best till the end even if they knew they couldn’t make the finals themselves.”

Trophy sponsored by

Teams Performance Cup

Teams Performance Cup

Year Host State Winner
2026 QLD
2025 SA
2024 ACT QLD Queensland
2023 AEBF QLD Queensland
2022 X
2021 X
2020 AEBF QLD Queensland
2019 TAS QLD Queensland
2018 SA QLD Queensland
2017 NT VIC Victoria
2016 WA QLD Queensland
2015 QLD WA Western Australia
2014 VIC QLD Queensland
2013 SA QLD Queensland
2012 ACT QLD Queensland
2011 NT QLD Queensland
2010 TAS VIC Victoria
2009 QLD VIC Victoria
2008 SA SA South Australia
2007 WA VIC Victoria
2006 VIC VIC Victoria
2005 VIC QLD Queensland
2004 NT QLD Queensland
2003 VIC WA Western Australia
2002 QLD WA Western Australia
2001 TAS SA South Australia
2000 SA WA West Australia
1999 WA VIC Victoria