Junior 8 Ball

Australian Eight Ball Federation

1995 Australian 8 Ball Junior Championships

A MESSAGE FROM THE AUSTRALIAN PRESIDENT1995 aebf junior championships cover

It is most encouraging to see, since the inception of the inaugural event in 1991,
the development and growth of our Junior competitors in Eight-Ball, in all age groups,
throughout Australia. The skill level and dedication has certainly made an impact to
senior competitors, administrators and the media, that can only prove rewarding in the

To capture the comments from spectators who have witnessed our juniors
competinq is most satisfying, to say the least. The knowledge that already a good
number are now representing their respective State / Territory at senior level in both
Open and Ladies events is gratifying.

Congratulations to all juniors in each age group, you have won the right to
represent your State / Territory at National level in 1995. Best of luck to each and
everyone of you, may you enjoy your Eight-Ball and may you all continue on to
become future champions.

My heartiest congratulations must also go to the hardworking committee and
helpers of the ACT Eight-Ball Association, in what I am sure will be a smooth running
of your first National Eight-Ball event. One can only admire your efforts to make this
National event a memorable occasion for all concerned.

A special thank you to the sponsors, who. have generously supported this
important event on the Eight-Ball calendar. All sponsors are listed throughout the
pages of the Program Book, and I hope all competitors and their followers take the
time to read, as well as to support, these sponsors, as they have supported our sport.
Once again, my best wishes to all competitors in your quest to achieve a National
title, remembering sportsmanship is the biggest winner of all.
I am sure you will all enjoy your stay in Australia's capital city, Canberra, where
you will find many sights to explore. I know you will receive great friendships wherever
you go.

Lance Sheen
Australian Eight-Ball Federation Inc