Junior 8 Ball

Australian Eight Ball Federation

1991 Australian 8 Ball Junior Championships

MESSAGE FROM1991 AEBF Junior Championships Cover

Congratulations to the Victorian Junior Cueists Association (VJCA) and all State
Junior committees in co-ordinating to stage this – the Inaugural Junior Australian
Titles – in Melbourne. A job well done.

Having myself been involved for some 20 years in the a-ball scene it is most
rewarding to witness – at last – so many Juniors becoming involved and
most of all enjoying the sport and competing – very competitively at all levels,
a standard that would put many senior players to shame.

Over the last few years 8-ball has grown so much in popularity and so many
people are coming to realise the game’s full potential and this will ensure
that it will lead to Olympic game recognition.

In the hear future, we trust it will receive official recognition and become part
of school curriculum for both boys and girls who wish to compete in sport
but do not wish to play a contact or physical sport as part of their school
sporting programme.

Schools and the Education Department now realise that the “cloth sports”
have so many benefits to offer young people that they cannot and should not
be ignored i.e. it’s a sport that can be played by both boys AND girls (as no
extra physical strength is required), it develops hand/eye co-ordination,
deportment, strategy (like in chess), Maths (numbers and angles), dress
standards, behaviour and most importantly, sportsmanship. Some players learn
(teach themselves) to be proficient with both left and right hand cueing action.
These and many other skills that will be beneficial well into adulthood.
Thanks must go also to the very many helpers and of course the sponsors
for all their efforts to make this inaugural event successful.
Best of luck to all entrants and I trust that in the future years we will witness
more junior participation in the cloths sports.


President: Lance Sheen (Victoria)
V/President: Terry Green (Western Australia)
Secretary: Mrs Pam Rowe (South Australia)
Treasurer: Mrs Lauri Sheen (Victoria)
Promotions:Sam Heywood-Smith (Victoria)