Junior 8 Ball

Australian Eight Ball Federation

1993 Australian 8 Ball Junior Championships


Firstly-I would liketo take thisopportunity to wish all junior competitors
the very best in this, the 3rd year of Junior 8-Ball National Titles.
Congratulations on making selection in your age group in your state
or territory. I hope you all thoroughly enjoy the competitive spiritof th is
sport whilst you are competing and Iam sureyou will enjoy your stay
in the lovely city of Perth.

Thesefew days would of course, not be possible without those people
from each state and/or territory who have worked so hard to ensure
that juniors are able to compete and enjoy the sport of 8-Ball. To be
able to produce state champions to compete at National Junior level
requires many hours of dedication by a great number of people. To
the parents of our future champions, who have put forward many
dollars to enable their children to compete in the various pennant
matches and additional tournaments, allowing them to develop the
necessary skillsto reach this level, to you all, for your contributions, we
humbly thank you.

Furtherthanks and appreciation must also go to
the hardworking Western Australian Eight Ball Federation for their
efforts in preparing these 1993 National Junior 8-BallTitles.They have
left no stone unturned in their effort to make these 199~Junior Titles a
resounding success – as was achieved at the senior level in 1992- a
memorable occasion for all who participated.

Once again, my best wishesto all players. May you enjoy your 8-Ball
and if whilst competing, you are defeated, always be a true
sportsperson and congratulate your opponent. If you win, be gracious.
Mostly though, just enjoy this wonderful occasion and maybe,
in the not too distant future we will see you competing at National
Senior level. Who knows what the next step will then be.
To those wonderful people – THE SPONSORS- who have made
valuable contributions, to enable our dedicated committees to foster
the sport of 8-Ballwithin Australia, we sincerely thank you, one and all.

Lance Sheen
Australian President