Junior 8 Ball

Australian Eight Ball Federation

1994 Australian 8 Ball Junior Championships


As we turn back the pages of history, the Australian Inaugural Open
National a-Ball Events commenced in South Australia 10 years ago –
1984 and since then our sport throughout Australia has grown in leaps
and bounds. In 1989 we saw ladies introduced at national level and In
1991 the inaugural Australian Junior 8-Ball Championships
commenced in Victoria. In 1992 further progress – a junior competing
in open National Titles in Western Australia for the first time, and in
Northern Territory saw more juniors competing for more states at Open
National Level.

All of which is very encouraging to the junior development programmes
throughout Australia. In 1993 in Manchester, England the World 8-Ball
Championships (an inaugural event) of the World Eightball Pool
Federation. During the Annual General Meeting of this world body it
was decided that each country will be allowed two (2) juniors under the
age of 18 years to compete in the 1994 championships, a major
innovation to progress in such a short period of time. At the time of
writing, details are still to be finalised BUT Australia will be sending two
juniors to Manchester, England from these 1994 Australian Junior
Championships to compete in the World Championships under
international playing rules.

I would like further to thank the South Australian Junior Committee and
their many helpers for their time and effort in hosting this event, also to
the parents who have put in many hours and dollars to enable all
juniors to compete. Mayall your efforts be rewarding.

To those people who "have got behind the 8-Ball" and come forth with
valuable sponsorship dollars, 8-Ball is indebted to your generosity in
its quest for the future. If the 8-Ball fraternity get behind these
valuable sponsors – both can only be successful.

Best of luck to all the juniors, in all divisions, who have earned the right
to represent their state or territory at National Level. May you enjoy
your 8-Ball.

Thank you South Australia for looking to the future of 8-Ball.

Lance Sheen
President – AEBF