Junior 8 Ball

Australian Eight Ball Federation

2009 Australian 8 Ball Junior Teams

Australian Junior Eight Ball Championships 2009
Q-Masters – Milton – Brisbane – Qld (1st – 8th March)
  Under 12 Under 15 Under 18 Manager
ACT Aaron Billington Benny Maliganis Alessandro Nasca  Trent Billington
  ACT-12-2 CJ Maliganis Robert McGuire  
      Danial Bawlshaw  
NSW * Cheyenne O’Shea (qld) Brent McHugh (qld) Jessica Woods (qld) Geoff Thursby
Singles Hayden Goode (qld) Joel Butler (qld) CJ Barena (qld)  
      Dave Sutherland (qld)  
NT Yama Banu Hayley Schopp Daniel Banfield Sharon Crawley
  Mathew Gerrard Jack Richter Clint Wood Dennis Baker
      Richard Lofthouse  
QLD * Bianca Bam Sam West Liam Butler Geoff Thursby
  Justin Woods Vijay Randall Dan Van Kempen  
      Jared Jensen  
SA Jordan Mitchell Michael Cacciola Nathan Nemes Margaret Morphett
  Tiegan Hulley Ian Hinton Mitchell Harris  
      Aaron Lynch  
TAS Dennis Marshall Cale Barrett Anthony Adams Cyril Triffitt
  Alexander Pace Blake Marshall Ben McCauley  
      Stephen Kaine  
VIC Jacob Isles Tyson Howie Gus DiGiorgio Cheryl Congram
  Joshua McLean Jake Boyle Kurt Dunham Claude Welson
      Daniel Faddoul  
WA Scott Brownrigg Luke Foster Dylan Fitzgerald Shane Congdon
  Mikey Read Jamie Ranalli Thomas Partridge  
      Jason Hawker  

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