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Tournament Rule when a Foul is performed

Tournament Rule when a Foul is performed


 This Tournament Rule when a Foul is performed.

When referee is present:

Only the referee to touch cueball unless requested by the incoming player for the cueball to be left in position. “Time running” will be called and the incoming player IS allowed to pick up the cueball should they wish to do so after this has been requested.

When no referee is present:

Player who fouled is to acknowledge the foul and then leave the table. Only the incoming player is to handle the cueball after the foul has been acknowledged by both players. “Time running” will be called after the foul has been acknowledged.

Failure to adhere to this rule will result in “loss of frame”.


  1. In both scenarios: If you are the player who has performed the foul, leave the balls alone and leave the table for the incoming player. The incoming player is to decide if they want to play from where the cueball lies, or to take ball in hand. The reason for this tournament rule is to give the incoming player a fair opportunity to play the cueball from where it lies if they wish to do so.
  2. A referee is only an AEBF supplied referee. A table timekeeper is NOT a referee.

Tournament Rule when a Foul is performed