Junior 8 Ball

Australian Eight Ball Federation

2003 Australian Junior Development Officer

Message from Australian Junior Development Officer

On behalf of the Australian Eight Ball Federation, it is my privilege to attend the 13th Junior National 8 Ball
Championships as Junior Development Officer. It is always extra special to have your home state host these
Championships. We have 49 competitors from across Australia competing not only for the individual events,
but also the inaugural Team Championship.

I would like to thank Sue Whitten from Pool Victoria who has the dedication to help bring these
Championships to fruition. A very special thank you to Daryl Kee and the Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre
for being incredibly supportive from the very first phone call. Thank you also to our major sponsor Mr Trevor
Attwell of Consolidated Leisure and Sport for their continued support to 8 ball throughout Australia. I would
also like to thank Mr George Taylor from Alcock, Thompson and Taylor for supplying these fantastic tables,
and for all his support to junior cuesports throughout the years. Chris Jolly from Workforce Financial Services
for the Sportsperson award, and also his commitment as Australian Junior Team Manager for this years World
Championships. A special thank you to the Tasmanian 8 Ball Council for kindly donating the inaugural Teams
trophy, in particular Cyril Triffitt and Warren Ross.

I would like to thank the parents involved for all their support, both physically and emotional1y in creating the
opportunities that enable your children to participate in this unique event.

To all Competitors I hope everyone involved takes the opportunity to make new friends and re-establish old
friendships throughout the coming week, then travel horne with lots of wonderful memories. So take the time
to enjoy the moments this weeks experience will bring you.