Junior 8 Ball

Australian Eight Ball Federation

2010 Australian 8 Ball Junior Teams

Australian Junior Eight Ball Championships 2010
Glenorchy Football club – Hobart – TAS (8th – 13th March)
  Under 12 Under 15 Under 18 Manager
ACT Alex Parker  Benny Maliganis  Paul McGuire   
  Aaron Billington  Brayden Sheppard  Justin Finney   
      Jake Fulmer   
NSW . Stephen Kaine (tas) Brendon Marshall (tas)  
singles . Jacob Marshall (tas) Jenna Sampson (tas)  
      Kyle Fisher (tas)  
NT Luke Evans Denroa Cook Daniel Banfield  
  Ethan Beattie Jack Richter Clint Wood  
      Ben Armstrong  
QLD Hayden Goode Jayme White Dayne Van Kempen  
  Robert Jenkins Vijay Randall Jared Jensen  
      Liam Butler  
SA Dylan South Hayley Schopp Ian Hinton  
  Bryce Ellis Ryan Meuris Tyron O'Morchoe  
      Jarrod Bennett  
TAS Alexander Pace Cale Barrett Anthony Adams  
  Brodie Stubbs Justin Stubbs Blake Marshall  
      Andrew Rainbow  
VIC Matthew Curwood Adam Bleumink Gus Digiorgio  
  Jacob Isles Tyson Howie Nick Young  
      Hayden Heath  
WA Scott Brownrigg  Ben Foster  Luke Foster   
  Mikey Read  Jarrad Nagtelaal  Luke Anglesey   
      Jamie Ranalli   


QLD Junior play-offs

QLD Junior State Team 2010

Under 12        Hayden Goode

Under 12        Robert Jenkins

Under 15        Vijay Randall

Under 15        Jayme White

Under 18        Dayne Van Kempen

Under 18        Liam Butler

Under 18        Jared Jensen

Manager        Justin Thursby

SA Junior play-offs

sa 2009 dylan south bryce ellisLocal junior 8 ball boys Dylan South (left) and Bryce Ellis not only came away with first and second in the State single competition, they also faced each other off in the finals.


SA Junior play-offs

Under 12 Dylan South

Under 12 Bryce Ellis

Under 15

Under 15

Under 18

Under 18

Under 18




WA Junior play-offs

First Junior Champions through to Grand Final


CONGRATULATIONS to the following champions who’ve made it through to the grand final of the 2010 Junior Championships (WA selection trials):

Under 12’s
Stefan Malinovic (winner) Gosnellswa 150
Oliver Bownds (runner-up) Gosnells

Under 15’s
Keenan Cigler (winner) Gosnells
Dylan Ford (runner-up) Gosnells

Under 18’s
Jason Hawker (winner) Gosnells
Jamie Ranalli (runner-up) Gosnells

Details for the next heats are below:

Heat #2 – 16 January @ Pot Black North Perth
Heat #3 – 23 January @ The Pool Room, Fremantle
Heat #4 – 27 January @ Limited Editions Hotel
Heat #5 – 28 January @ Limited Editions Hotel
Heat #6 – 29 January @ Limited Editions Hotel
Grand Final – 30 January @ Limited Editions Hotel


WA Junior play-offs

Under 12

Under 12

Under 15

Under 15

Under 18

Under 18

Under 18


TAS Junior play-offs

Results from Eightball Tasmania Junior 8Ball Championships 2009/2010

Events for Under 18, Under 15 and Under 12 were played at the Hobart Workers Club and the Final in the Under 15’s betwen the top 4 qualifyers was played at the Top Room Devonport

Thanks to Cyril Triffitt (JDO) for the running of these events and the venues for the use of their premises

Top 3 in the Under 18’s and the top 2 in the Under 15’s and Under 12’s are now eligable to represent Tasmania at the Australian Junior 8Ball Championships to be played at the Glenorchy Football Club from March 7th – 13th 2010

The next 3 in the Under 18’s and last two players in the Under 15’s will also be eligable to represent at the Chanpionships

Under 18’s:
Anthony Adams – Champion
Blake Marshall – Runner Up
Andrew Rainbow
Jenna Sampson
Brendon Blake
Kyle Fisher

Under 15’s:
Cale Barrett – Champion
Justin Stubbs – Runner Up
Jacob Marshall
Stephen Kaine
Under 15's 2009 - Jacob Marshall, Justin Stubbs (R/Up), Cale Barrett (Champion), Stephen Kaine

Under 12’s:
Alexander Pace- Champion
Brodie Stubbs – Runner Up

Teams Final Sheet 2010

AEBF Junior Teams 2010 – Final – Friday 13th March 6.45pm

See Junior web site for round robin results from team matches and player stats

Home Team

Away Team

Score Score

Western Australia


WA Juniors 2010 Victorian Junior Team 2010
1 Jarrod Nagtegaal – U15 A Tyson Howie – U15 1 0
2 Ben Foster – U15 B Adam Bleumink – U15 2 0
3 Luke Anglesey – U18 C Hayden Heath – U18 3 0
4 Jamie Renalli – U18 D Nick Young – U18 3 1
5 Luke Foster – U18 E Gus DiGiorgio – U18 3 2
6 Scott Brownrigg – U12 F Matt Curwood – U12 3 3
7 Mikey Read – U12 G Jacob Isles – U12 4 3
3 Luke Anglesey – U18 D Nick Young – U18 4 4
4 Jamie Renalli – U18 E Gus DiGiorgio – U18 4 5
5 Luke Foster – U18 C Hayden Heath – U18 5 5
1 Jarrod Nagtegaal – U15 B Adam Bleumink – U15 5 6
2 Ben Foster – U15 A Tyson Howie – U15 6 6
3 Luke Anglesey – U18 E Gus DiGiorgio – U18 6 7
4 Jamie Renalli – U18 C Hayden Heath – U18 6 8
5 Luke Foster – U18 D Nick Young – U18