Junior 8 Ball

Australian Eight Ball Federation

2011 Junior Round Up


Australian Junior Team Manager: Shane

Australian Team Selected to Travel to England: Luke Foster (WA), Jason Hawker (WA), Dayne Van Kempen (AU), Matthew Gartrell (QLD), Jared Jensen (QLD), Luke Anglessey (WA)

Teams Shield: Tasmania (winner of grand final) Tasmania defeated Queensland in the Australian Junior Eight Ball Team Final.

Team Round Robin Trophy: Queensland (most frames won after teams round robin)

Under 18 Grand Final: Luke Foster WA defeated Dayne Van Kempan QLD

Under 15 Grand Final: Vijay Randal QLD defeated Cale Barrett TAS

Under 12 Grand Final: Hayden Goode QLD defeated Brodie Stubbs TAS

Photo’s can be ordered from http://www.infocusnt.com

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